Deanna Magnon

Deanna Magnon is the daughter of The Magnon Companies founder Ray Magnon and has worked for the company since 1983.  While Deanna has filled various roles in the company, today she oversees the day to day operations of the company. 

With her experience in accounting, Deanna’s principal responsibility is the firm’s financial management.  She has developed, implemented, and managed the financial strategies that have ensured the long term viability of Magnon and allowed the company to thrive. 

 Deanna has helped facilitate the lease, sell or management of millions of square feet of property.  She purchased The Magnon Companies from Ray Magnon in 2014 and remains its sole shareholder.  She has been a crucial asset in developing and maintaining relationships that have been key to the company’s continued success.

Dave Stapley
Vice President

Dave Stapley, who joined The Magnon Companies in 2006, is responsible for managing all real estate activities at Magnon, including land acquisition and entitlement, design, development, construction, and asset management.  During his time with the Magnon Companies, he has played a lead role in the development of over 3.5 million square feet of industrial warehouse/manufacturing and commercial office buildings. 

Dave is experienced in green building practices having completed 4 LEED-Silver projects and managed the development and construction for the first LEED-Silver certification for a State of California leased facility.

 Dave attended Brigham Young University where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Management and Marketing from the Marriott School of Management

 Prior to joining The Magnon Companies, Dave’s professional career started at Desert Mutual Benefit Administrators and continued during the dotcom boom while working for Omniture, now Adobe Online Marketing Suite.  His career continued with Hormel Foods as an account manager, where he worked until he started a career in commercial real estate development.